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Although you may not think of Ashton as part of CTA history, we have been fortunate enough to be the recipient of a huge amount of the company's history thanks to the generosity of Rick Ashton. Rick spent a great deal of time and effort to scan many aspects of his family's company's history and shared it with us. All this information is now part of the Museum's archives. The best news about this is that we will be sharing this information with you!! As time permits, we will be formatting and uploading the huge amount of information that Rick has provided to us. We know it will be enjoyable to look through it. Of course it wouldn't be possible without the work and generosity of Rick Ashton. THANK YOU RICK!!!

Ashton Valve Documents




Click here for the 1896 Catalog (19.7 Mb)


Click here for the 1906 Catalog (21.2 Mb)

1907 Cambridge Building

Click here for the 1907 Cambridge Building Catalog (67.2 Mb)


Click here for the 1906 Catalog (51.0 Mb)


Click here for the 1920 Catalog (91.2 Mb)

1941 Gage

Click here for the 1941 Gage Catalog (17.3 Mb)

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