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These photos are available thanks to the family of R. Hill. The Museum was able to procure a large quantity of R. Hill's photographs featuring CTA trolley buses and are making them available for viewing via this website. Some photos are carefully documented (usually the ones that include times), while others have nothing more than a date associated with them. We have done our best to identify the locations and bus numbers for each photo.

Due to concerns expressed by some about rampant piracy of photos on the internet, restrictions have been placed on posting photos from the Museum's collection here. The requirements set forth state that they must be low res and watermarked. We apologize to the vast majority of our patrons who only use this site as intended, for personal enjoyment and information gathering.

CTA Trolley Buses from the R. Hill Photo Collection - Page 2

0041-CTA #9637 on North Westbound at 758W (Burling) - 07/20/1970

0042-CTA #9496 on North Westbound at 758W (Burling) - 07/21/1970

0043-CTA #9679 on North Westbound at 830W (Clybourn) - 07/21/1970

0044-CTA #Unknown on North (Unknown Location) - 07/21/1970

0045-CTA #9738 on Montrose Westbound at 2100W (Hamilton) - 07/12/1970

0046-CTA #9716 on Montrose Eastbound at 1600W (Ashland) - 07/12/1970

0047-CTA #9734 on North Eastbound at 1232W (Magnolia) - 07/12/1970

0048-CTA #9734 on Montrose Eastbound at 1800W (Ravenswood) - 07/12/1970

0049-CTA #6759 on Montrose Westbound at 2600W (Rockwell) - 07/12/1970

0050-CTA #9738 on Montrose Westbound at 2900W (Francisco) - 07/12/1970 at 2:58pm

0051-CTA #9715 on Montrose Westbound at 3100W (Albany) - 07/12/1970 at 3:12pm

0052-CTA #9464 on Roosevelt Westbound at 4800W (Cicero) - 08/09/1972 at 6:32pm

0053-CTA #9466 on Roosevelt Westbound at 3600W (Central Park) - 08/11/1972 at 6:59pm

0054-CTA #9466 on Roosevelt Eastbound at 3600W (Central Park) - 08/12/1972

0055-CTA #9539 on Roosevelt Westbound at 3730W (East of Independance) - 08/09/1972 at 3:34pm

0056-CTA #9469 on Roosevelt Westbound at 3800W (Independance) - 08/09/1972 at 3:36pm

0057-CTA #9531 on Roosevelt Eastbound at 3800W (Independance) - 08/13/1972 at 8:11am

0058-CTA #9752 in Neenah Loop (6532W) on Irving Park about to head Eastbound with Motor Bus #5319 on Route #86 - 07/25/1970 at 1:27pm

0059-CTA #9599 on Cicero Southbound at 3832N (Berenice) - 03/21/1973

0060-CTA #9417 on Cicero Southbound at 3800N (Grace) - 03/21/1973

0061-CTA #9688 on Cicero Southbound at 3700N (Waveland) - 07/13/1970

0062-CTA #9417 on Cicero Northbound at 3600N (Addison) - 03/21/1973

0063-CTA #9735 on Cicero Southbound at 4000W (Irving Park) - 03/21/1973

0064-CTA #9709 - on Central Southbound at 4800N (Lawrence) - 07/29/1969 at 11:45am

0065-CTA #9543 at Unknown Location - 08/03/1969

0066-CTA #Unknown on North Eastbound at 6200W (Lombard) - 08/03/1969

0067-CTA #9550 on North Eastbound at 6000W (Austin) - 08/03/1969

0068-CTA #9761 on Central Southbound at 800N (Chicago) - 08/03/1969 at 2:09pm

0069-CTA #9547 on Central Southbound at 630N (North of Ohio) - 08/03/1969 at 2:47pm

0070-CTA #9736 & #9513 in Forest Glen Yard - 07/25/1969 at 8:15am

0071-CTA #9665 Probably on Cicero Southbound at Unknown Location - 03/22/1973

0072-CTA #9672 on Cicero Southbound at 750S (Polk) - 03/23/1973

0073-CTA #9712 on Central Southbound at 1000N (Augusta) - 08/03/1969 at 1:26pm

0074-CTA #9711 on Central Southbound at 1132N (Haddon) - 06/13/1968 at 12:55pm

0075-CTA #9744 on Central Southbound at 1232N (Crystal) - 08/03/1969 at 10:15am

0076-CTA #9720 Northwestbound on Elston at 4832W (LaCrosse) Toward Forest Glen Garage - 07/29/1969 at 8:41am

0077-CTA #9719 Northwestbound on Elston at 5100W (Leclaire) Toward Forest Glen Garage - 07/29/1969 at 8:51am

0078-CTA #9521 Southeastbound on Elston at 4800W (Cicero) Heading from Forest GLen Garage - 07/29/1969 at 3:58pm

0079-CTA #9743 Northwestbound on Elston at 5000N (Kimberly) Heading to Forest Glen Garage - 07/29/1969 at 9:03am

0080-CTA #9505 Northwestbound on Elston at 4332W (Lowell) Heading to Forest Glen Garage - 08/04/1969 at 8:48am

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