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These photos are available thanks to the family of R. Hill. The Museum was able to procure a large quantity of R. Hill's photographs featuring CTA trolley buses and are making them available for viewing via this website. Some photos are carefully documented (usually the ones that include times), while others have nothing more than a date associated with them. We have done our best to identify the locations and bus numbers for each photo.

Due to concerns expressed by some about rampant piracy of photos on the internet, restrictions have been placed on posting photos from the Museum's collection here. The requirements set forth state that they must be low res and watermarked. We apologize to the vast majority of our patrons who only use this site as intended, for personal enjoyment and information gathering.

CTA Trolley Buses from the R. Hill Photo Collection - Page 6

0201-CTA #9668 on Belmont Eastbound at 4600W (Kenton) - 07/13/1970
Thanks to Bill Wulfert for his help in identifying the location.

0202-CTA #9467 on Roosevelt Eastbound at 45E (Wabash) - 08/05/1969 at 12:21pm

0203-CTA #9402 on Roosevelt Westbound at 45E (Wabash) - 08/05/1969 at 1:21pm

0204-CTA #9489 on Roosevelt Westbound at the Chicago River - 06/12/1968 at 7:16pm

0205-CTA #9497 on Roosevelt Westbound at 45E (Wabash) - 06/12/1968 at 6:54pm

0206-CTA #9698 on Roosevelt Westbound at 500W (Canal) - 08/08/1972 at 2:44pm

0207-CTA #9454 on Roosevelt Eastbound at 600W (Jefferson) - 08/09/1972 at 7:29am

0208-CTA #9647 on Belmont Westbound at 5600W (Central) - 07/17/1970

0209-CTA #9597 on Cicero Southbound at 4200N (Berteau) - 03/21/1973

0210-CTA #9539 on Roosevelt Westbound at 4500W (Kilbourn) - 08/10/1972 at 4_00pm

0211-CTA #9454 on Roosevelt Westbound at 540W (Clinton) - 06/12/1968 at 7:40pm

0212-CTA #9531 on Roosevelt Eastbound at 800W (Halsted) - 08/09/1972 at 7:47am

0213-CTA #9551 on Belmont Eastbound at 5932W (Mason) - 07/17/1970

0214-CTA #9688 on Belmont Eastbound at 5932W (Mason) - 07/17/1970

0215-CTA #9642 on Belmont Eastbound at 6100W (Meade) - 07/17/1970

0216-CTA #9564 on Belmont Westbound at 6100W (Meade) - 07/13/1970
Thanks to Bill Wulfert for helping identify the location.

0217-CTA #9668 on Belmont Eastbound at 6200W (Melvina) - 07/17/1970

0218-CTA #9675 on Belmont Westbound at 6400W (Narragansett) - 07/13/1970

0219-CTA #9542 on Roosevelt Westbound at 5800W (Menard) - 08/10/1972 at 5:37pm

0220-CTA #9693 on Fullerton Westbound at 1630W (Clybourn) - 07/21/1970 at 4:14pm

0221-CTA #9615 on Belmont Westbound at 5600W (Central) - 07/17/1970

0222-CTA #9469 on Roosevelt Westbound at 5700W (Waller) - 08/10/1972 at 5:13pm

0223-CTA #9541 on Roosevelt Westbound at 5832W (Monitor) - 08/10/1972 at 5:27pm

0224-CTA #9672 on Cicero Southbound at 4300N (Cullom) - 03/21/1973

0225-CTA #9695 on North Eastbound at 5600W (Central) - 08/03/1969

0226-CTA #9514 on Cicero Southbound at 3932N (Dakin) - 03/21/1973

0227-CTA #9672 on Cicero in Pensecola Loop (4332N) - 03/21/1973

0228-CTA #9738 on Cicero Southbound at 3500N (Cornelia) - 03/21/1973

0229-CTA #9709 on Central Northbound at 5600N (Bryn Mawr) - 07/25/1969 at 8:46am

0230-CTA #9729 on Central Northbound at 900N (Iowa) - 06/13/1968 at 12:31pm

0231-CTA #9643 on North at Unknown Location - 08/03/1969

0232-CTA #9759 on Montrose Westbound at 3832W (Avers) - 07/12/1970 at 4:55pm

0233-CTA #9464 on Roosevelt Westbound at 3400W (Homan) - 08/09/1972 at 2:58pm

0234-CTA #9719 on Cicero Southbound at 3400N (Wellington) - 03/21/1973

0235-CTA #9676 on Belmont Westbound at 4800W (Cicero) - 07/17/1970

0236-CTA #97?? on North Eastbound at Unknown Location - 03/11/1973

0237-CTA #Unknown on North Westbound at 2000W (Damen) - 08/03/1969

0238-CTA #9529 on North Westbound at 2000W (Damen) - 03/11/1973

0239-CTA #9534 on Cicero at Unknown Location - 03/22/1973

0240-CTA #9561 on Cicero Southbound at 0N (Madison) - 03/22/1973

More photos from IRM's R. Hill Collection coming soon!!!

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