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These photos are available thanks to the generosity of Kimberly Scalzo. Her husband, the late Steve Scalzo, was a prolific transit photographer. He was also extremely careful to mark the vast majority of his slides with dates and locations. Thanks to these two individuals, we are able to take a walk down memory lane and peer into the past.

Due to concerns expressed by some about rampant piracy of photos on the internet, restrictions have been placed on posting photos from the Museum's collection here. The requirements set forth state that they must be low res and watermarked. We apologize to the vast majority of our patrons who only use this site as intended, for personal enjoyment and information gathering.

Page 35 - CTA Trolley Buses from the Steve Scalzo Photo Collection

01351-CTA #9514 Unknown Location - No Date

01352-CTA #9515 Northbound on Kedzie at 37th - 06/16/1966 at 7:23pm

01353-CTA #9515 at the Lawrence West End Loop at Gunnison and Mason - 05/18/1969 at 2:00pm

01354-CTA #9515 Northbound on Cicero at Fullerton - 10/15/1972 at 1:58pm

01355-CTA #9516 Westbound on Roosevelt at Loomis - 10/14/1973 at 1:10pm

01356-CTA #9516 Westbound on Roosevelt at Hermitage - 01/14/1973 at 1:15pm

01357-CTA #9516 Westbound on Montrose at the Kennedy WNW 'L' Station - 01/14/1973 at 2:30pm

01358-CTA #9516 at the Forest Glen Garage - 01/14/1973 at 1:30pm

01359-CTA #9516 in the Montrose Short Turn Loop just west of Milwaukee - 01/14/1973 at 2:30pm

01360-CTA #9516 Northbound on Elston at Forest Glen - 01/14/1973 at 3:15pm

01361-CTA #9516 Southbound on Central at the Kennedy Epressway - 01/14/1973 at 3:40pm

01362-CTA #9516 in the Belmont-Kimball WNW 'L' Station Loop - 01/14/1973 at 4:15pm

01363-CTA #9517 Southbound on Kedzie at the Industrial Canal - 02/03/1968 at 12:36pm

01364-CTA #9520 Southbound on the Santa Fe Overpass - 03/24/1968 at 1:05pm

01365-CTA #9522 on Central at Bryn Mawr - 06/20/1966 at 7:36pm

01366-CTA #9522 on Central at North - 07/20/1966

01367-CTA #9523 Southbound on Cicero at 21st - 06/23/1967 at 6:10pm

01368-CTA #9523 Westbound on Grand at McClurg - 09/07/1969 a 4:45pm

01369-CTA #9525 Eastbound on Belmont at Elston - 10/14/1967 at 12:33pm

01370-CTA #9525 Southbound on Pulaski at Berteau - 05/04/1969 at 4:59pm

01371-CTA #9525 Southbound on Pulaski at the Kennedy Expressway - 05/04/1969 at 3:00pm

01372-CTA #9527 Westbound on Goodman at Central - 06/20/1967 at 6:21pm

01373-CTA #9527 Westbound on Irving Park at Neenah - 07/25/1967 at 6:59pm

01374-CTA #9527 Southbound on Cicero at North - 04/26/1970 at 3:10pm

01375-CTA #9528 Southbound on Central at Lawrence - 09/07/1965 at 12:48pm

01376-CTA #9529 on Central at Potomic - 07/20/1966 at 6:30pm

01377-CTA #9529 Westbound on Irving Park at Neenah - 06/29/1967 at 6:27pm

01378-CTA #9529 on Fullerton - No Date (Slide processing date is 10/1972)

01379-CTA #9530 Westbound on Central at Higgins - 06/20/1967 at 6:30pm

01380-CTA #9530 Westbound on Lawrence at Linder - 10/14/1967 at 2:42pm

01381-CTA #9531 Eastbound on Lawrence at Major - 06/20/1967 at 6:15pm

01382-CTA #9535 Southbound on Cicero at North - 07/19/1966 at 7:20pm

01383-CTA #9535 on Lawrence at Austin - 12/19/1966 at 12:41pm

01384-CTA #9535 Westbound on Central at the Kennedy Epressway Overpass - 06/20/1967 at 6:36pm

01385-CTA #9536 on Irving Park at Kolmar - 12/19/1966 at 2:16pm

01386-CTA #9536 Westbound on Lawrence at Dover - 11/12/1967 at 2:55pm

01387-CTA #9536 Eastbound at Lawrence and Austin - 11/12/1967 at 2:15pm

01388-CTA #9537 Westbound on Roosevelt at 50th Court - 04/26/1970 at 1:54pm

01389-CTA #9538 Southbound on Central at Montrose - 03/03/1968 at 3:50pm

01390-CTA #9539 Leaving Forest Glen Garage at Elston and Luna - 10/14/1967 at 2:18pm

More photos from the Steve Scalzo Collection coming soon!!!

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