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The numbering system was devised by the late Don Liberko, who worked extensively on cataloging the different styles. It has been enhanced to include new versions.

We are currently working with transfer experts to verify/correct/populate transfer style dates. Currently they are our best estimates. Once solid dates are established (and new styles discovered), the style numbers may change to reflect the correct chronology.

Click on the desired route below to see the hi-res transfer image. PLEASE USE YOUR BROWSER'S "BACK" BUTTON TO RETURN TO THIS PAGE. Routes in parenthesis are on the transfer, but not the main route listed.

Style 12-4 - c1953-1954

"T" and "20" changed to "T" and "C".

  • Addison (Lunt)
  • Archer (Express)
  • Ashland (Ashland-Downtown) (Riverdale) (Stock Yards)
  • Austin (Kimball)
  • Belmont (Monroe Parking Lot)

  • Blue Island (31st, West) (31st, East)
  • California, South (California, North)
  • Central (Central Ltd) (Michigan-State-Wacker)
  • Central (Michigan-State-Wacker)
  • Cermak (Douglas Park Ext)

  • Chicago (Armitage)
  • Cicero (Cicero, South)
  • Clark-Wentworth (Broadway-State)
  • Clybourn (Peterson)
  • Cottage Grove (Vincennes-111th)

  • Damen, North (Damen, South) (Foster-Central)
  • Damen, North (Damen, South)
  • Diversey-Logan (Diversey)
  • Division (Irving Park-Narragansett-North)
  • Evanston RT (Skokie) (Westchester)

  • Evanston RT Half Fare (Skokie) (Westchester)
  • Foster-Northwest Hwy (Touhy)
  • Foster-Northwest Hwy (West Foster) (Touhy)
  • Fullerton (Pershing)
  • Garfield (Indiana)

  • Grand (Higgins)
  • Halsted (Halsted Downtown) (Halsted, South)
  • Harrison (Adams) (Montrose)
  • Irving Park (Washington)
  • Jackson (Independence) (Planetarium)

  • Jeffery (South Shore) (Hyde Park)
  • Kedzie-California (Kedzie, South)
  • Kedzie-Homan (Morgan-Racine)
  • Lawrence (Devon-Sheridan) (BB)
  • Lincoln-Larrabee (Lincoln-Wabash)

  • Madison
  • Marquette (Douglas) (Yates-95th)
  • Milwaukee
  • North (Shopping District)
  • Ogden

  • Ohio St. Depots (Laramie)
  • Pulaski (Pulaski, South)
  • Racine-Canal-Wacker (South Deering) (W. Pk.)
  • Roosevelt (Lake)
  • Sheridan (Harlem)

  • South Chicago-Ewing (Elston)
  • South Parkway (Southport) (17 BB)
  • Stony Island (Wacker)
  • Taylor-Sheffield (Howard) (Roscoe)
  • Van Buren

  • Wallace-Racine (Canal-Wacker)
  • Western (Western, North) (Western, South)
  • Wilson-Michigan (Wilson-LaSalle) (Merchandise Mart)
  • 35th
  • 35th (14th)

  • 47th (103rd-106th)
  • 51st-55th (26th)
  • 59th-61st (43rd-Root)
  • 63rd
  • 67th-69th (93rd-95th)

  • 71st (83rd) (115th)
  • 74th-75th (111th, East)
  • 79th (16th-18th)
  • 87th (119th-Vincennes)

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