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These photos are available thanks to the Strahorn Library and Museum Volunteer Joe Stupar's time spent scanning them.

The photo captions are taken from information written on the slides/photos and/or from research and are enhanced by a spreadsheet that contain additional information, provided via Joe Stupar. The numbers preceding the captions are simply inventory numbers and can be ignored.

Due to concerns expressed by some about rampant piracy of photos on the internet, restrictions have been placed on posting photos from the Museum's collection here. The requirements set forth state that they must be low res and watermarked. We apologize to the vast majority of our patrons who only use this site as intended, for personal enjoyment and information gathering.

Section 01 - Miscellaneous Photos (Part 1)

1-Interior (unmodernized) view of Car #702, looking towards smoker in coach section - No Date (NSL Photo)

2-Obs Car train "The Eastern Limited" NB at Kenosha - No Date (NSL Photo)

3-Obs/Parlor Car #410 posed, possibly at Highwood - No Date (NSL Photo)

4-View SE towards front entrance of Milwaukee Terminal - No Date (NSL Photo)

5-North Shore Line Tours Safety Coach "Corinne" - No Date (NSL Photo)

6-Interior view towards rear of bus "Corinne" - No Date (NSL Photo)

7-Interior view towards rear of Bus #102 - No Date (NSL Photo)

8-Side/front shot of Bus #53, Kenosha/Lake Geneva - No Date (NSL Photo)

9-View South towards main entrance of Kenosha station - No Date (NSL Photo)

10-View of entrance to Wilson Station - 06/02/1924 (NSL Photo)

11-Edited photo of 4 car train at Highwood, led by Car #701, Milwaukee Limited - No Date (NSL Photo)

12-Interior view looking North of waiting room, Milwaukee Terminal - No Date (NSL Photo)

13-View NW, elevated overview of Milwaukee MD terminal - 06/11/1925 (NSL Photo)

14-Nearly complete view of Asbury Ave Station - 03/28/1925 (NSL Photo)

15-View SW of complete Dempster St Station - 04/14/1925 (NSL Photo)

16-View of 4 MD cars on 'L', lead by Car #211 - No Date (NSL Photo)

17-Interior view of Obs/Parlor Car #410 - No Date (NSL Photo)

18-View North from Birch Rd - 09/10/1924 (NSL Photo)

19-View South of completed ROW from Main St. - 04/23/1925 (NSL Photo)

20-View West from Asbury Ave bridge - 04/23/1925 (NSL Photo)

21-View NE of nearly complete Dodge Ave Station - 03/28/1925 (NSL Photo)

22-NSL Yellow Cab Bus #110 - No Date (NSL Photo)

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