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These photos are available thanks to the Strahorn Library and Museum Volunteer Joe Stupar's time spent scanning them.

The photo captions are taken from information written on the slides/photos and/or from research and are enhanced by a spreadsheet that contain additional information, provided via Joe Stupar. The numbers preceding the captions are simply inventory numbers and can be ignored.

Due to concerns expressed by some about rampant piracy of photos on the internet, restrictions have been placed on posting photos from the Museum's collection here. The requirements set forth state that they must be low res and watermarked. We apologize to the vast majority of our patrons who only use this site as intended, for personal enjoyment and information gathering.

Section 23 - Miscellaneous Photos (Part 2)

1-Interior of MD Car #212, possibly a duplicate of a previous photo - No Date (NSL Photo)

2-Posed shot on curve near Oakton, Car #159 signed "Badger Limited" and Obs Car #413 on train on other track. - No Date (NSL Photo)

3-Posed shot on curve near Oakton of obs car train with Car #413 on rear, Car #151 on other track. - No Date (NSL Photo)

4-Picture of crew posed next to Car #154, decorated, on 'L' structure. Marked "French Blue Devils" on back. - No Date (NSL Photo)

6-Builders photo interior of Diner #415 looking towards non kitchen end, shows bare tables but no chairs. - No Date (NSL Photo)

7-Interior of Crane #607 cab, looking away from crane. - No Date (NSL Photo)

8-Dining car sevice. - No Date (NSL Photo)

9-Car #406, "Limited Chicago", with Gold Coast Limited drumhead, at ground level island platform, location unknown, possibly Evanston?? - No Date (NSL Photo)

10-End view of Car #720, over pit in Milwaukee Terminal tracks. Car #723 on next track over - No Date (NSL Photo)

11-Interior view of tables and chairs, new dining car. - No Date (NSL Photo)

12-Photo of interior of dining car, with tables set. - No Date (NSL Photo)

13-Interior of Car #721, looking through smoker towards #2 end. - No Date (NSL Photo)

14-Interior view of dining car, waiter, people looking at menu, unknown location on 'L' tracks - No Date (NSL Photo)

15-Possible builders photo, looking into cab area from outside car - No Date (NSL Photo)

16-Interior view looking towards kitchen, diner 415 after modernization - No Date (NSL Photo)

17-Woman eating breakfast, others reading newspapers in Parlor / Dining car. - No Date (NSL Photo)

18-Four men riding on obs car, possibly Milwaukee division, on freshly ballasted track - No Date (NSL Photo)

19-Interior view of diner car with people inside and waiter. - No Date (NSL Photo)

20-View of Obs Car #420 on 'L' in yard, possibly at Wilson Shops?? - No Date (NSL Photo)

21-View of NB train at Kenosha, with men on obs car and conductor on station platform. - No Date (NSL Photo)

22-Interior view of Libertyville Car #511 - No Date (NSL Photo)

23-Interior view of Car #317 - No Date (NSL Photo)

24-Interior view of Car #317 with motorman / workman. - No Date (NSL Photo)

25-Photo of new NSL busses #9, #10 & #11 at Kastory Mfg. Co, LaGrange IL - 04/1923 (NSL Photo)

26-Diner #419, signed "Skokie Valley Route INTERSTATE" on 'L' tracks over pit near other NSL cars. - No Date (NSL Photo)

27-Obs car display in building, with open side of car - No Date (NSL Photo)

28-Possible builders photo looking from doorway into smoker compartment and platform, Car #721 - No Date (NSL Photo)

29-Exterior of Obs Car #410 - No Date (NSL Photo)

30-Interior view of electrical cabinet on dining car - 10/31/1927 (NSL Photo)

31-End view of MD Car #242 - No Date (NSL Photo)

32-Side view of Diner Car #409, signed "Limited Milwaukee" - No Date (NSL Photo)

33-Interior view looking back from smoker, Car #700. Scholz logo on photo - No Date (NSL Photo)

34-Line of new NSL refrigerator MD cars, possibly a builders photo?? - No Date (NSL Photo)

35-End view of Car #170, at Highwood, signed "Limited Milwaukee". - No Date (NSL Photo)

36-Street side view SW of Ravinia station, Shore Line - No Date (NSL Photo)

37-Possible builders photo of coach, showing electrical cabinet interior and part of smoker - No Date (NSL Photo)

38-Publicity photo of people in Tavern Lounge of Electroliner. - No Date (Chicago Tribune/NSL Photo)

39-Milwaukee newspaper publicity photo of people in Tavern Lounge of Electroliner - No Date (NSL Photo)

40-View South down NB platform of people leaving train at Glenayre / Glenview station. - No Date (NSL Photo)

41-View down Broad St in Lake Geneva towards Lake, showing NSL bus station and bus parked on street - 06/05/1923 (NSL Photo)

42-Looking south down Broad St Lake Geneva, from North of Main St, towards lake and NSL bus station, with bus parked on street - 09/24/1923 (NSL Photo)

43-Edited photo, Car #406 and train, signed "Limited Chicago". - No Date (NSL Photo)

44-Possibly edited photo of interior of dining car, with people inside - No Date (NSL Photo)

45-Possible builders photo of dining car interior (Possibly Car #415 based on other photos??), showing plain tables but no chairs - No Date (NSL Photo)

46-Interior of Car #317 (possibly a duplicate photo) - No Date (NSL Photo)

47-Possible builders photo, showing end of Car #415. Signed "Limited Chicago" - No Date (NSL Photo)

48-Possible builders photo, showing side view of Car #415, with "Cincinnati" sign and car signed "Special Milwaukee" - No Date (NSL Photo)

49-Partial aerial photo showing diner train on Skokie Valley Route - No Date (Chicago Aerial Survey Co./NSL Photo)

50-Men sitting around rough wooden table in small room, Highwood. Caption: "Employee Activities, Employees Education Committee" - 04/10/1929 (NSL Photo)

51-Interior of dining car, does not appear to be NSL, possible CSS&SB or CA&E?? - No Date (NSL Photo)

52-Denver & Interurban Motor Bus by The Lang Body Company, Cleveland OH. Possibly used as a prototype for NSL bus?? - No Date (NSL Photo)

53-Denver & Interurban Motor Bus by The Lang Body Company, Cleveland OH. Possibly used as a prototype for NSL bus?? - No Date (NSL Photo)

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