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These photos are available thanks to the Strahorn Library and Museum Volunteer Joe Stupar's time spent scanning them.

The photo captions are taken from information written on the slides/photos and/or from research and are enhanced by a spreadsheet that contain additional information, provided via Joe Stupar. The numbers preceding the captions are simply inventory numbers and can be ignored.

Due to concerns expressed by some about rampant piracy of photos on the internet, restrictions have been placed on posting photos from the Museum's collection here. The requirements set forth state that they must be low res and watermarked. We apologize to the vast majority of our patrons who only use this site as intended, for personal enjoyment and information gathering.

Section 46 - Industrial Organization Photos

15-Large factory, Massey Harris Tractors - No Date (NSL Photo)

16-Interior loading dock of Cunninghams Ice Cream, Chicago. - No Date (Chicago Architectural Photographing Company/NSL Photo)

17-Bucket wheel for 30,000 HP units, built for Allis-Chalmers Great Western Power Co., Caribou Plant California. Assembled wheel 25 tons - No Date (NSL Photo)

18-Solid Carload of Maytag Washers from Newton, IA to Junction Hdw. Co. Racine Wisconsin. On siding under wire, with men standing near truck - No Date (NSL Photo)

19-Consumer's Co. office near siding, coal yard Northfield - 12/02/1930 (NSL Photo)

20-Workers at very large plant, possibly steel mill, cross bridge over yard with EJ&E hoppers and gons - No Date (Acme Newspictures Inc, Chicago Bureau/NSL Photo)

21-Large coal pile under steel bridge. Largest coal pile threatened as strike looms. Clairton, PA - This 300,000 ton coal pile - the largest in the world, is only a ten day's supply for the mills of U.S. Steel, at Clairton - 04/27/1943 (Acme Newspicture Service/NSL Photo)

22-Petrolager plant, exterior front, Niles Center -01/07/1932 (NSL Photo)

23-Petrolager plant, exterior front angled, Niles Center - 01/07/1932 (NSL Photo)

24-View NW, Deep Rock Oil Co, Northfield - 12/2/1930 (NSL Photo)

25-Snap-on Wrench Company Plant, South Kenosha - 12/02/1930 (NSL Photo)

26-View NW of Public Service Co., Northern Division Service plant, under construction, Northbrook - 12/02/1930 (NSL Photo)

27-Skokie Oil & Coal Co. Oakton St, Niles Center - 12/02/1930 (NSL Photo)

28-View NE, builders service, Northfield - 12/02/1930 (NSL Photo)

29-View North, Edinger & Sons fuel and coal, Lake Av Wilmette. Substation #1 in distance - 12/02/1930 (NSL Photo)

30-E. C. Weissenberg Coal & Bldg Material, Northfield - 12/02/1930 (NSL Photo)

31-View SE of Public Service Co., Waukegan Generating station - No Date (NSL Photo)

32-Two - 2000 HP, 83 1/3 RPM, 25 Cycle, 6600 volt rolling mill induction motor driving plate mill. Youngstown, Ohio - No Date (NSL Photo)

33-Aerial drawing of Johnson Motor Company plant - No Date (NSL Photo)

34-Drawing of the Evinrude Speeditwin outboard motor - No Date (NSL Photo)

35-Skilled hands of women work rapidly day and night, under the critical eye of inspectors, assembling Johnson carburetors - No Date (NSL Photo)

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