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These photos are available thanks to the Strahorn Library and Museum Volunteer Joe Stupar's time spent scanning them.

The photos in this section are from a subdirectory titled "Skokie Valley". These photos may or may not be from there, but in order to keep track of where we can find the photos in the future if need be, we have kept that title for this section.

The photo captions are taken from information written on the slides/photos and/or from research. The numbers preceding the captions are simply inventory numbers and can be ignored.

Due to concerns expressed by some about rampant piracy of photos on the internet, restrictions have been placed on posting photos from the Museum's collection here. The requirements set forth state that they must be low res and watermarked. We apologize to the vast majority of our patrons who only use this site as intended, for personal enjoyment and information gathering.

NSL Skokie Valley Photos - Part 2b

52-Cable Splicers - 04/21/1926 (NSL Photo)

53-Tension Primary Cable - 04/21/1926 (NSL Photo)

54-View North West Line, Blodgett Avenue - 06/23/1925 (NSL Photo)

55-Catenary Pier Construction, NB Blodgett Avenue - 11/04/1925 (NSL Photo)

56-Erecting Steel North Lake Bluff - 03/24/1926 (NSL Photo)

57-Installing Catenary - 03/24/1926 (NSL Photo)

58-Catenary Cable Reels - 03/24/1926 (NSL Photo)

59-View North, Lake Bluff - 03/24/1926 (NSL Photo)

60-View North, Lake Bluff - 03/24/1926 (NSL Photo)

61-View North, Blodgett Avenue - 05/19/1926 (NSL Photo)

62-Installing Telephone Cables - 04/21/1926 (NSL Photo)

63-Downeys Crossing, View North - 06/16/1926 (NSL Photo)

64-Downeys Crossing, View South - 06/16/1926 (NSL Photo)

65-Great Lakes, View South - 04/14/1926 (NSL Photo)

66-North Chicago Junction, View NW - 03/05/1926 (NSL Photo)

67-View North From Downeys - 06/23/1925 (NSL Photo)

68-View North to Pettibone - No Date (NSL Photo)

69-Interior of Pettibone Locomotive Shop - No Date (NSL Photo)

70-View North of Cut South of North Chicago Junction - 03/05/1926 (NSL Photo)

71-View SE From North Chicago Junction - 03/05/1926 (NSL Photo)

72-View South From 22nd Street, North Chicago - 06/16/1926 (NSL Photo)

73-View North, 22nd Street, North Chicago - No Date (NSL Photo)

74-Electric Department Work Train - 02/24/1926 (NSL Photo)

75-Rail Bond Welding - 03/24/1926 (NSL Photo)

76-Telephone Boxes - 03/17/1926 (NSL Photo)

77-Installing Telephone Cable - 03/17/1926 (NSL Photo)

78-Rail Bond Welding - 03/17/1926 (NSL Photo)

79-Rail Bond Welding - 03/17/1926 (NSL Photo)

80-Cantenary Hanging Construction Gang - 03/10/1926 (NSL Photo)

81-Cantenary Hanging Construction Gang - 03/10/1926 (NSL Photo)

82-Cantenary Hanging Construction Gang - 03/10/1926 (NSL Photo)

83-Cantenary Hanging Construction Gang - 03/10/1926 (NSL Photo)

84-Catenary Hanging Gauge Boards - 03/10/1926 (NSL Photo)

85-Method Pulling Primary Messenger Tension - 02/24/1926 (NSL Photo)

86-Installing Primary Messenger Cable - 02/24/1926 (NSL Photo)

87-Telephone Cable Work Train - 03/17/1926 (NSL Photo)

88-Dynamometer In Operation - 02/24/1926 (NSL Photo)

89-Reading Dynamometer - 02/24/1926e (NSL Photo)

90-Cable Reels on Flat Cars #611 & #612 - 02/24/1926 (NSL Photo)

91-Installing Telephone Boxes - 03/10/1926 (NSL Photo)

92-PS Attachment - 02/24/1926 (NSL Photo)

93-Telephone Cable Reels - 02/24/1926 (NSL Photo)

94-PS Attachment - 02/24/1926 (NSL Photo)

95-Catenary Twoer - 07/01/1927 (NSL Photo)

96-Catenary Tower Guard - 07/01/1927 (NSL Photo)

97-Setting Up Anchor Bolts - 01/27/1926 (NSL Photo)

98-PS Attachments - 01/27/1926 (NSL Photo)

99-Assembling Towers - 01/27/1926 (NSL Photo)

100-Ballaster - 03/24/1926 (NSL Photo)

101-Line Car Bocar - 01/23/1925 (NSL Photo)

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