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These photos are available thanks to the Strahorn Library and Museum Volunteer Joe Stupar's time spent scanning them.

The photos in this section are from a subdirectory titled "Skokie Valley". These photos may or may not be from there, but in order to keep track of where we can find the photos in the future if need be, we have kept that title for this section.

The photo captions are taken from information written on the slides/photos and/or from research and are enhanced by a spreadsheet that contain additional information, provided via Joe Stupar. The numbers preceding the captions are simply inventory numbers and can be ignored.

Due to concerns expressed by some about rampant piracy of photos on the internet, restrictions have been placed on posting photos from the Museum's collection here. The requirements set forth state that they must be low res and watermarked. We apologize to the vast majority of our patrons who only use this site as intended, for personal enjoyment and information gathering.

NSL Skokie Valley Photos - Part 6c

91-View East from track level at Dodge Ave showing ROW - 04/14/1925 (NSL Photo)

92-View NW from track of nearly complete Dodge Ave platform - 03/17/1925 (NSL Photo)

93-View NW from track of completed Dodge Ave platform - 04/14/1925 (NSL Photo)

94-View West from platform Dodge Ave showing completed bridge and ROW - 04/23/1925 (NSL Photo)

95-View East from track showing boxcar in Dodge Ave station platform, with man standing on South bridge girder over street measuring clearance - No Date (NSL Photo)

96-View North of ground level track, wooden trestle, and forms for concrete at Hartrey Ave - 09/18/1924 (NSL Photo)

97-View North similar to previous photo (#96) at Hartrey Ave, wooden forms for concrete more substantial - 09/25/1924 (NSL Photo)

98-View North at Hartrey Ave, work equipment up on wood trestle - 10/02//1924 (NSL Photo)

99-View North at Hartrey Ave, work equipment on wood trestle seems to be pouring concrete into West abutment - 10/09/1924 (NSL Photo)

100-Wide View North at Hartrey Ave showing both abutments in wood form, concrete poured on West side - 10/16/1924 (NSL Photo)

101-View NW at Hartrey Ave of completed concrete on West abutment - 10/23/1924 (NSL Photo)

102-View NE at Hartrey Ave of completed concrete on East abutment - 10/23/1924 (NSL Photo)

103-View NE at Hartrey Ave of bridge with complete concrete and steel spans installed - 10/30/1924 (NSL Photo)

104-View NE at Hartrey Ave, painting on steel span and coating on concrete - 11/13/1924 (NSL Photo)

105-View NE at Hartrey Ave, embankments filled in, concrete installed on bridge deck - 12/04/1924 (NSL Photo)

106-View NW, framing for abutment East of C&NW, channel bridge - 10/16/1924 (NSL Photo)

107-View SW, framing for abutment West of C&NW, channel bridge - 10/23/1924 (NSL Photo)

108-View West, cave in of wood forms used for excavated footing West of C&NW - 10/23/1924 (NSL Photo)

109-View NW, framing for abutment East of C&NW now near complete height, channel bridge - 10/23/1924 (NSL Photo)

110-View SE of steam shovel excavating under wood trestle for C&NW, Chicago Ave - 10/30/1924 (NSL Photo)

111-View NW of abutment East of C&NW, concrete done with rebar sticking out, channel bridge - 10/30/1924 (NSL Photo)

112-View SW, framing and excavation for abutment West of C&NW, channel bridge - 10/30/1924 (NSL Photo)

113-View down into form for abutment W of C&NW, with workmen down in it, channel bridge - 11/06/1924 (NSL Photo)

114-View NW of forms for abutment West of C&NW rising up, channel bridge - 11/13/1924 (NSL Photo)

115-View NW of form for abutment West of C&NW near full height, channel bridge - 11/20/1924 (NSL Photo)

116-View NW of steel span being erected between C&NW and channel, channel bridge - 01/0/1925 (NSL Photo)

117-View East of workmen on steel span, steam crane boom, and steel bridge sections on ground. Channel bridge - 01/09/1925 (NSL Photo)

118-View NW of steel bridge, steam crane on bridge with workmen, moving towards channel. Channel bridge - 01/09/1925 (NSL Photo)

119-View NW completed concrete on abutment, West of C&NW, channel bridge - 01/09/1925 (NSL Photo)

120-View NW of men working on steel truss for bridge over C&NW, sitting on ground on West side of C&NW, channel bridge - 01/09/1925 (NSL Photo)

121-View NE across canal showing steel bridge with steam crane on top, preparing to install bridge over channel - 01/17/1925 (NSL Photo)

122-View NW of bridge over C&NW, steam crane lifting steel trusses into place on concrete footings - 01/17/1925 (NSL Photo)

123-View SW of rough steel trusses in place over C&NW - 01/17/1925 (NSL Photo)

124-Wide view North at channel showing complete span over C&NW with steam crane on top erecting supports for span eastward, as steam crane on span East of canal erects span westward over canal - 01/23/1925 (NSL Photo)

125-Wide view North, similar to previous photo (#124), showing continuous steel span and steam cranes completing sections of bridge - 01/30/1925 (NSL Photo)

126-Close view NW showing span over channel and C&NW, men working to complete bridge, and wooden supports used for erecting bridge - 02/06/1925 (NSL Photo)

127-Similar to previous photo (#126), close view of span over channel and C&NW, with men working on bridge - 02/13/1925 (NSL Photo)

128-Wide View NE of entire span channel bridge taken standing on C&NW tracks - 02/20/1925 (NSL Photo)

129-Wide View North on E. Prairie Rd showing track construction on both sides of road - 09/26/1924 (NSL Photo)

130-View East from E. Prairie Rd of rough track construction, with nothing around - 09/26/1924 (NSL Photo)

131-View East of completed track at E. Prairie Rd - 04/23/1925 (NSL Photo)

132-View West of track, possibly from Crawford Ave, showing catenary towers up but no wire. Bridge 12 nearest in photo - 01/09/1925 (NSL Photo)

133-View West interior E. Prairie Rd/Crawford Av - 03/28/1925 (NSL Photo)

133b-Similar to previous photo (#133), View West interior E. Prairie Rd/Crawford Av - 03/28/1925 (NSL Photo)

134-View NW of prairie and line of houses, somewhere near E. Prairie Rd - 06/30/1930 (NSL Photo)

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