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These photos are available thanks to the family of R. Hill. The Museum was able to procure a large quantity of R. Hill's photographs featuring CTA trolley buses and are making them available for viewing via this website. Some photos are carefully documented (usually the ones that include times), while others have nothing more than a date associated with them. We have done our best to identify the locations and bus numbers for each photo.

Due to concerns expressed by some about rampant piracy of photos on the internet, restrictions have been placed on posting photos from the Museum's collection here. The requirements set forth state that they must be low res and watermarked. We apologize to the vast majority of our patrons who only use this site as intended, for personal enjoyment and information gathering.

CTA Trolley Buses from the R. Hill Photo Collection - Page 5

0161-CTA #9677 on Cicero Southbound at Unknown Location - 03/23/1973

0162-CTA #9625 on Cicero Southbound at 1600S (16thSt) - 08/10/1972

0163-CTA #9663 on Cicero Southbound at 1700N (Wabansia) - 03/23/1973

0164-CTA #9452 on Pulaski at Unknown Location - 07/16/1970

0165-CTA #9635 on Pulaski Southbound at Unknown Location - 08/10/1972

0166-CTA #9649 at Unknown Location - 08/10/1972

0167-CTA #9565 on Pulaski Southbound at 1500S (15th St) - 08/10/1972

0168-CTA #Unknown on Pulaski Southbound at 1600S (16th St) - 08/10/1972

0169-CTA #9470 on Roosevelt Eastbound at 2900W (Francisco) - 08/09/1972 at 11:59am

0170-CTA #9542 on Roosevelt Eastbound at 2800W (California) - 08/10/1972 at 8:36am

0171-CTA #9456 on Roosevelt Eastbound at 2732W (Fairfield) - 08/09/1972 at 11:17am

0172-CTA #9464 on Roosevelt Eastbound at 2632W (Talman) - 08/09/1972 at 10:58am

0173-CTA #9531 on Roosevelt Eastbound at 2500W (Campbell) - 08/09/1972 at 10:37a

0174-CTA #9454 on Roosevelt Westbound at 5530W (East of Central) - 08/10/1972 at 5:04pm

0175-CTA #9548 on Roosevelt Westbound (despite destination sign reading) at 5500W (Linder) - 07/27/1969 at 6:56pm

0176-CTA #9466 on Roosevelt Westbound at 5200W (52nd St) - 07/27/1969 at 7:29pm

0177-CTA #9536 on Roosevelt Westbound at 5050W (50th Ct) - 08/10/1972 at 4:39pm

0178-CTA #9454 on Roosevelt Westbound at 4900W (49th Ave) - 08/09/1972 at 6:29pm

0179-CTA #9469 on Roosevelt Westbound at 1900W (Wolcott) - 06/09/1968 at 3:39pm

0180-CTA #9656 on Pulaski Southbound at Unknown Location - 03/14/1973

0181-CTA #9635 at Unknown Location - 08/04/1969

0182-CTA #9710 on Pulaski at Unknown Location - 03/18/1973

0183-CTA #9506 on Pulaski at Unknown Location - 03/20/1973

0184-CTA #9751 on Pulaski at Unknown Location - 0/18/1973

0185-CTA #9608 on Pulaski Southbound at 3200N (Belmont) - 03/18/1973

0186-CTA #9651 on Pulaski at Unknown Location - 08/04/1969

0187-CTA #9466 on Roosevelt Westbound at 4000W (Pulaski) - 08/09/1972 at 3:51pm

0188-CTA #9738 on Montrose Westbound at 3600W (Central Park) - 07/12/1970 at 4:13pm

0189-CTA #9454 on Roosevelt Westbound at 4200W (Keeler) - 08/09/1972 at 4:41pm

0190-CTA #9416 on Roosevelt Westbound at 4332W (Kolin) - 08/10/1972 at 6:28pm

0191-CTA #9547 on Central Southbound at 2800N (Diversey) - 06/12/1968 at 3:27pm

0192-CTA #967? on Pulaski Southbound at 2300S (23rd St) - 08/10/1972

0193-CTA #9510 on Pulaski Southbound at 2300S - 08/10/1972

0194-CTA #9707 on Pulaski Southbound at 2100S(21st St) - 08/10/1972

0195-CTA #9574 on Pulaski Southbound at 2135S (21st Pl) - 08/10/1972

0196-CTA #9613 on Pulaski Southbound at 2200S (Cermak) - 08/10/1972

0197-CTA #9470 on Roosevelt Westbound at 2000W (Damen) - 08/09/1972 at 9:40am

0198-CTA #9495 on Cicero Southbound at 1800S (18th St) - 08/12/1972

0199-CTA #9561 on Pulaski Southbound at 3100N (Barry) - 03/18/1973

0200-CTA #9439 on Grand Eastbound at 350E (West of McClurg Ct) - 07/20/1970

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