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As stated on the home page, these documents are for your personal enjoyment. They are high quality and not watermarked as a sign of trust, so PLEASE do not reproduce/repost these in any manner without permission from the Illinois Railway Museum. Please help encourage continued posting of additional material by protecting the Museum's collection rights.

The below are links to books that documented every bus in the fleet as of a specific date. A sampling of some of the data columns: Miles for the month, total lifetime miles to that point, MPG, time since the last change of parts (engine rebuild/overhaul, head, radiator, steering, axle, converter, traction motor, differential, brakes), even the last time it was painted. The below files contain the entire book and are between 10 and 25 Mb.

Complete books for the month or 4 week period ending as of the date listed.

  • 07/31/1957
  • 10/29/1966
  • 07/15/1967
  • 12/30/1967

  • 12/28/1968
  • 07/12/1969
  • 12/27/1969
  • 06/13/1970

  • 12/26/1970
  • 12/30/1972
  • 12/27/1975

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