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These photos are available thanks to the Strahorn Library and Museum Volunteer Joe Stupar's time spent scanning them.

Due to concerns expressed by some about rampant piracy of photos on the internet, restrictions have been placed on posting photos from the Museum's collection here. The requirements set forth state that they must be low res and watermarked. We apologize to the vast majority of our patrons who only use this site as intended, for personal enjoyment and information gathering.

NSL Photos from Glass Slides

01-View South from Harrison St. - 05/19/1925
Distant view SW from CNW track showing west approach to bridge on NS&W

02-Removing Harrison St Overhead Evanston ILLS - 02/18/1926
Steam crane lifting section of NS&W bridge

03-Rail Bond Welding - 03/24/1926
Large rail bond welding crew working near crossover

04-Asbury Ave View N.E. - 12/26/1924
View NE from embankment Asbury, showing steel columns for stations, forms for platform mostly complete

05-Auto-Substation North of Main St. - 12/26/1924
Exterior view SE of substation building at Main St, Niles Center

06-Interior Schreiber Rd Station Final Progress Construction photo - 04/23/1925
Final interior photo of Kostner station, view W, showing entrance to station house and ticket booth

07-Skokie Valley Line Substation No 1 - 12/31/1925
View NW showing construction Lake Av substation building, high tension tower being constructed

08-Auto-Substation No 2 Skokie Valley Line - 12/17/1925
View NE building being constructed, Kotz Rd substation Northbrook

09-Substation No 1 - 12/03/1925
View NW Lake Av substation, men working on high tension tower

10-Auto-Substation North of Main St. - 01/09/1925
Interior view construction progress of substation

11-Auto-Substation No 3 Skokie Valley Line - 12/17/1925
Exterior view, substation building under construction

12-Poster, Washington Park Milwaukee by the North Shore Line

13-Poster, Milwaukee with fountain

14-Poster, Suburban Communities by the North Shore Line

15-Poster, Autumn Woods North Shore Line

16-Poster, Northern Michigan Resorts - Pere Marquette Steamers

17-waiting room at Adams & Wabash

18-Poster, Green Bay Trail

19-Poster, Wisconsin Resorts by North Shore Line, Rail and Bus Route

20-Poster, St Marys of the Lake

21-Poster, University Campus Lake Forest

22-Interior, 209 Wabash - First floor including stairway

23-Interior, 209 Wabash - First floor including stairway

24-Skokie Valley Line Substation No 3 - 12/03/1925
View NW, substation building under construction at Deerfield

25-Some sort of machinery room in building (Not marked)

26-Section House, Racine
Exterior view, looking north

27-Skokie Valley Line Rail Bond Welding - 03/17/1926
Close view of man preparing to weld bond onto rail

28-Final Progr' Constr' Photo, view N.W. Dodge Ave Station - 04/15/1925
Completed view of station platform at Dodge

29-Skokie Creek Diversion South of L. BR. View N.E. - 09/23/1925
Left half of two-plate photo

30-Skokie V.L. Sub-Sta No3 - 12/31/1925
View N of construction progress, Deerfield substation

31-Skokie Valley Line Substation No 4 - 12/03/1925
View SW of building construction, Substation 4 at Old Mill Rd Lake Forest

32a-Skokie Valley Line Sub-Station No 2 - 12/31/1925
View NE of Substation building, high tension tower being constructed

32b-N.S. Skokie Valley Line Sub-Station No2 - 12/03/1925
View of substation building under construction.

33-Skokie Valley Line Sub-Station No 4 - 12/31/1925
View E to substation 4 building (Old Mill Rd LF) showing excavation for conduits to feed overhead

34-Auto-Sub-Station North of Main St. - 01/03/1925
Exterior view mostly completed substation building, high tension tower mostly constructed

35-Auto-Substation No 4 Skokie Valley Line - 12/17/1925
View SW showing substation building, footings in high tension yard

36-Auto-Substation No 1 Skokie Valley Line - 12/17/1925
View W of construction near substation building.

37-View N.W. from East Side of Canal - 12/26/1924
Progress on bridge construction near sanitary channel bridge, steel over CNW tracks

38-Office blg at Camp Deerfield Rd View N.W. - 05/20/1925
View of wood frame construction camp buildings

39-E. Prairie Rd. View North - 09/26/1924
View of construction at E. Prairie Rd, wooden fenced transformer, horse on ROW

40-Final Progr' Constr' photo view east from E. Prairie Rd - 04/23/1925
View E from E. Prairie Rd of completed track, crossover

41-Three photos of steam ship, horse drawn wagons. Mound City Excelsior Mfg Co.
(No date)

42-N.S.S.V. Line. Northbrook Sta' - 05/05/1929
View NW of construction at Northbrook station, showing part of foundation, windows being installed

43-N.S. Skokie Valley Line Telephone Boxes opposite No 1 Sub-Station - 03/17/1926
View SE of 600 volt disconnect switches on catenary near Lake Av substation

44-N.S. Skokie Valley Line View North From Dempster St - 02/24/1926
View N Dempster St, showing catenary being strung and high tension towers constructed

45-View N, likely Milw Div, showing freshly ballasted SB track and original NB track.
(No date)

46-Skokie Valley Line Pier Opposite No 2 Sub Station View N.E. - 03/17/1926
View showing 600 volt disconnect switches being installed near Substation 2, Kotz Rd Northbrook

47-Skokie Heights Subdivision entrance, now Bluff Rd near 500 Dundee Rd Glencoe
(No date)

48-Skokie Heights Subdivision entrance, now Bluff Rd near 500 Dundee Rd Glencoe
(No date)

49-Reservation Picnic Grounds View South - 02/06/1925
Appears to be some sort of bluff, possibly along lake, at Fort Sheridan

50-Building at Great Lakes with tents near street (No date)

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