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These photos are available thanks to the Strahorn Library and Museum Volunteer Joe Stupar's time spent scanning them.

The photo captions are taken from information written on the slides/photos and/or from research and are enhanced by a spreadsheet that contain additional information, provided via Joe Stupar. The numbers preceding the captions are simply inventory numbers and can be ignored.

Due to concerns expressed by some about rampant piracy of photos on the internet, restrictions have been placed on posting photos from the Museum's collection here. The requirements set forth state that they must be low res and watermarked. We apologize to the vast majority of our patrons who only use this site as intended, for personal enjoyment and information gathering.

Section 43 - Miscellaneous (Part 5)

(42)51-Man in barber chair receiving haircut - No Date (NSL Photo)

52-Two young children, one in conductor uniform, the other dressed as a motorman, hold timetable 45, lantern, and watch - No Date (NSL Photo)

53-U.S. Steel special train. Open house at American Steel & Wire Company in North Chicago. Miss Ethel Madson, member of "Carousel" cast - 06/09/1947 (NSL Photo)

54-Colorized (in orange) builders photo of Cincinnati Car #734 - No Date (NSL Photo)

55-Builders photo of Brill truck, Order 22337 - No Date (NSL Photo)

56-Unknown - No Date (NSL Photo)

57-3/4 view of Locomotive #458 - No Date (George Krambles/NSL Photo)

58-Side views of IC #125590, concrete gon - No Date (NSL Photo)

59-Side view of Ferry Truck trailer. Possibly a builders photo?? - No Date (NSL Photo)

60-Four car train SB, taken North of Dundee Rd - 11/02/1929 (NSL Photo)

61-Sub-Station Number 2 - 06/02/1926 (NSL Photo)

62-Interior of Refrigerator Car - No Date (NSL Photo)

63-Table at 25 Year Veterans Reunion in Waukegan - 01/14/1933 (NSL Photo)

64-Interior view of MD Car #204 - No Date (NSL Photo)

65-Copy of CRS-35, outline of Dining Cars #418 & #419 - No Date (NSL Photo)

66-Bowling group, Vivian Butler, Peggy Cavanaugh, Barney Knipple, Bill Morrison - 03/21/1944 (NSL Photo)

67-Interior view of Car #749 after modernization - No Date (NSL Photo)

68-Closeup of Electroliner Motorman interview, Del Miner - No Date (NSL Photo)

69-Silverliner on display in Waukegan. L to R: Mr. J.H.M. Clinch, President, North Shore; Alderman Archambeault, North Chicago; Conductor L. Huff, on steps; Mr. Dwight L. Smith, General Manager North Shore; Mr. J.J. Dee, General Supt Transportation; Mr. C.E. Thorney, Public relations manager. H. S. Dennie Photo - 05/17/1950 (NSL Photo)

70-Silverliner at Waukegan. L to R: Mr. T.J. Woods, Electrical Engineer; Mr. Nick Mrkobrad, Curve Greaser; Mr. Alex Adams, Section Foreman; Mr. F.J. Kramer, Supt., Way, Structures, and Power. H. S. Dennie Photo - 05/17/1950 (NSL Photo)

76-Photo looking north at KO junction - No Date (NSL Photo)

78-Shop men standing outside of shop building in winter - No Date (NSL Photo)

81b-Two men in office, Highwood. - No Date (NSL Photo)

84b-Two men sitting in office, Highwood - No Date (NSL Photo)

85-Man standing in front of speeder on track, with materials area in background - No Date (NSL Photo)

91-Group of 6 men in shop building - No Date (NSL Photo)

92-Large group of men holding American Flag - No Date (NSL Photo)

93-Edited photo of end of Car #752 - No Date (NSL Photo)

94-North Shore Electrical team receiving First Aid medals - 1929 (NSL Photo)

95-Interior of Dining Car - No Date (NSL Photo)

(43)17-North Shore Railroad Victory Gardens in Evanston - Henry Cordell, Master Mechanic - No Date (NSL Photo)

18-North Shore Railroad Victory Gardens in Evanston - Mr. J Chambers (Left), Chicago Motor Coach Co.; D.T. Nelson (Right), Auditor Capital Expenditures - No Date (NSL Photo)

75-Two car train with #739 on rear enters Milwaukee terminal in snow - 02/02/1947 (George Krambles/NSL Photo)

76-Birney #327 at Milwaukee Terminal in snow - 02/02/1947 (George Krambles/NSL Photo)

77-Soldier in helmet, Lt. Col. Don Zealou - 06/01/1944 (NSL Photo)

91-Two men stand outside near automobile - 06/30/1943 (United Photo Service, Kenosha/NSL Photo)

163-Man holding very large fish outside garage - 04/15/1947 (NSL Photo)

164-Three photos of track work on Milw division. Men shoveling ballast off flatcar, men near old buses, freshly ballasted track - No Date (NSL Photo)

165-Looking North, men shoveling ballast off flatcar pulled by Crane #607 on Milw Division. - No Date (NSL Photo)

166-Looking South, men shoveling ballast off flatcar pulled by Crane #607 on Milwaukee Division - No Date (NSL Photo)

169-Car #213 in Milwaukee with disc lowered onto street at 6th and Wisconsin, Milwaukee - 02/02/1947 (George Krambles/NSL Photo)

214-View East across North Chicago switching RR tracks to North Chicago Car Barn - No Date (NSL Photo)

215-Walter Guifer and Emmet Garity in uniform holding gavel (possibly from American Legion 753??) - No Date (NSL Photo)

224-J. W. Simmons and Dwight L. Smith - No Date (NSL Photo)

225-L to R: Dan Walsh, John Dee, Bernard J. Fallon - No Date (NSL Photo)

226-Large group photo of men. Rear, standing: Charles Nelson, Chester Thomas, Ray Hand, J. W. Simons, Dick Harris, A. C. Antes, Elmer Brown, Mike Wittry, Mort Gilkison, Louis Scheuer, Blaine Cook, Pete Naughton, Wm. A. Hasney. Front: Mike McInerney, George Mansfield, David Jones, Cliff Huttleson, Fred Fabry, Del Buffham, August Tapp, Tom Spellman - No Date (NSL Photo)

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