CTA Surface System History presented by the Illinois Railway Museum

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The numbering system was devised by the late Don Liberko, who worked extensively on cataloging the different styles. It has been enhanced to include newer versions and versions not included in his cataloging.

We are currently working with transfer experts to verify/correct/populate transfer style dates. Currently they are our best estimates. Once solid dates are established (and new styles discovered), the style numbers may change to reflect the correct chronology.

Transfers by Type


  • Part 1 - Pre Clock Face - Before 1932
  • Part 2 - Clock Face - Chicago Surface Lines (1932-1947)
  • Part 3 - Individual Routes - Chicago Transit Authority (1947-1973)
  • Part 4 - Post Individual Routes - Chicago Transit Authority (1974 and after)
  • Chicago Other

  • Rapid Transit Transfers
  • Century of Progress Transfers - 1933 & 1934
  • Chicago Motor Coach Transfers

  • Passes


  • Chicago Rapid Transit Weekly Passes (1937-1942) & Quarterly Passes (1932-1938)
  • Chicago Transit Authority Weekly Passes (1951-1952)
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