CTA Surface System History presented by the Illinois Railway Museum

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Route Descriptions by Route Name

Surface Routes
Addison Addison Limited Archer Archer Exp Archer Expwy
Archer-Austin Archer-Franklin Exp Archer-Harlem Archer-Narragansett Archer-NW Station
Armitage Ashland Ashland-Archer Ashland-Downtown Austin
Bell & Howell Belmont Belmont, East Blue Island-26th Broadway
Broadway-State California, North California, South Central Central Ltd
Central, North Central-Grant Central-Sherman Cermak Cermak, West
Chicago Cicero Cicero, South Cicero, North-Skokie Blvd Clark
Clark-Wentworth Cottage Grove Covers/Cover Letters Culture Bus Cumberland Exp
Damen Damen, North Damen, South Devon Devon, West
Devon-Cicero Devon-Northwest Exp Devon-Sheridan Diversey Division
Dodge Douglas Douglas Ext Drexel-Hyde Park Elston Supplementary
Elston-Clybourn Emerson-Dempster Evanston RT Emerg Bus Serv Foster Foster, West
Foster-Canfield Foster-East River Foster-Lawrence Foster-Northwest Hwy Fullerton
Fullerton, East Fullerton, West Garage Routes Garfield Garfield Exp
Garfield Park Ext Garfield-55th Grand Grant Park Treasures Halsted
Halsted, South Halsted-Archer Halsted-Downtown Halsted-95th Harlem
Harlem, North Harrison Harrison-Adams Higgins Hyde Park
Hyde Park Exp Illinois Center-NW Exp Illinois Center-Union Exp Indiana Indiana-Hyde Park
International Towers Irving Park Irving Park, West Irving Park,West Exp Jackson
Jackson Exp Jackson-Independence Jackson Supplementary Jeffery Jeffery Exp
Jeffery Manor Exp Kedzie, North Kedzie, South Kedzie-California Kedzie-Homan
Kimball Kimball-Homan King Drive King Drive Ltd Lake
Lake Shore Exp, South Laramie LaSalle Lawrence Lawrence, West
'L'ephant Lincoln Lincoln-Larrabee Lincoln-Wabash Lunch Loop Shuttle
Lunt Lunt-Touhy Madison Madison-Fifth Magnificent Mile Exp
Main-Emerson Main-Oakton Marine-Michigan Marine-MichiganExp Marquette
McCormick McCormick Place-NW Station Michigan Exp Michigan, South Michigan-State-Wacker
Michigan-119th Midway Park 'n' Ride Milwaukee Milwaukee, North Misc Routes
Monroe Parking Montrose Montrose-Lawrence Morgan-Racine Narragansett
Narragansett Exp Narragansett-Ridgeland North NorthLtd North-Narragansett
North-Narragansett-Irving Park Northeastern Illinois University Northwest Hwy NW-Franklin NW-Madison
NW-Wacker Exp Ogden Ogden-Downtown Ogden-Randolph O'Hare
O'Hare Exp Ohio-Union Station Orleans Outer Drive Exp Pershing
Peterson Pulaski Pulaski, South Pulaski-Stevenson Exp Pullman
Pullman-Altgeld Pullman-111th-115th Ridge-Grant Riverdale Roosevelt
Roscoe Santa Fe School Charters Sedgwick Sedgwick-Ogden
Sheridan Sheridan Exp Sheridan-LaSalle Exp Shopping Loop Shuttle Skokie
Soldier Field Exp South Chicago South Chicago Exp South Deering South Lake Shore Exp
South Park South Park Ltd Southport South Shore Stadium Exp
State State Ltd Stateliner Stevenson Exp Stony Island
Streeterville SW Skokie Taylor-Sedgwick-Sheffield Union-Wacker Exp Vincennes-111th
Vincennes-112th Wacker Exp Wacker-NW Station Wallace-Racine Washington
Washington Exp Water Tower Exp Wentworth Westchester Western
Western, North Western, South Wilson-LaSalle Wilson-LaSalle Exp Wilson-Michigan
Wilson-Michigan Exp Wilson-Michigan Outer Drive Exp Wrigley Field Exp Yates-95th Yates-Colfax
14th 16th-18th 25th Avenue 26th-31st 31st
31st, West 35th 35th, West-Pershing 43rd 43rd-Root
47th 47th, West 51st 51st-55th 55th
55th-Austin 55th-Narragansett 59th-61st 63rd 63rd Ltd
63rd, West 65th West 67th-69th-71st 67th-69th-79th 71st
71st-Yates 74th-75th 75th 79th 83rd-95th
87th 93rd-95th 93rd, East-95th 95th 103rd-106th
103rd, East-106th 103rd, West 111th-115th

Rapid Transit Routes
Congress-Douglas-O'Hare Douglas Evanston Evanston Exp Garfield
Howard-Dan Ryan Kenwood Lake Lake-Englewood-Jackson Park Logan Square
Loop Shuttle Midway North-South Ravenswood Skokie Swift
Stock Yards West-Northwest West-South Yellow Line

Complete System Route Index Books

Pre-1922 files are from land value-type books. 1922 and after were issued by CSL and CTA. All files are searchable .pdf so the file size can be large (noted next to each date).

  • 05/00/1905 (15 Mb)
  • 06/00/1906 (9 Mb)
  • 06/30/1906 (10 Mb)
  • 00/00/1908 (3 Mb)
  • 12/10/1908 (2 Mb)
  • 07/15/1912 (6 Mb)
  • 00/00/1915 (6 Mb)
  • 01/31/1915 (5 Mb)
  • 02/15/1922 (9 Mb)
  • 09/14/1924 (15 Mb)
  • 11/12/1933 (11 Mb)
  • 03/01/1934 (19 Mb)
  • 11/12/1934 (11 Mb)
  • 01/01/1935 (23 Mb)
  • 08/20/1936 (13 Mb)
  • 10/11/1937 (4.5 Mb)
  • 11/18/1946 (27 Mb)
  • 03/18/1948 (31 Mb)
  • 02/07/1949 (22 Mb)
  • 04/14/1950 (21 Mb)
  • 07/23/1951 (22 Mb)
  • 03/17/1952 (26 Mb)
  • 02/02/1953 (7 Mb)
  • 01/15/1954 (10 Mb)
  • 02/20/1955 (10 Mb)
  • 10/15/1957 (25 Mb)
  • 09/29/1959 (11 Mb)
  • 02/12/1962 (12 Mb)
  • 10/15/1963 (9 Mb)
  • 12/10/1964 (12 Mb)
  • 10/16/1967 (13 Mb)
  • 04/22/1970 (32 Mb)
  • 04/00/1973 (11 Mb)
  • 07/00/1974 (32 Mb)

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